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Online and print study aids and other law school success resources provided by the Law Library

What are Study Aids?Study Aids

Study aids are materials that explain, summarize, outline, or clarify a broad area of the law or a particular legal concept. They range in format from comprehensive treatises to concise checklists. Whether you're preparing for class or studying for finals, study aids can be a helpful way to supplement your understanding of the law.

Study aids can sometimes:

  • provide a broad overview or concise summary of a topic or area of law,
  • present information in alternative ways that can help students understand complex material, 
  • provide practice questions and "model" answers that help students learn and apply "black letter" law.

Law school study aids are not a substitute for required course readings, class notes, and outlines.

The Law Library provides access to all major online study aid platforms, as well as to CALI (Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction). In addition, the Law Library's print collection includes the majority of popular print study aid series, which can be located using Primo. While some copies may be checked-out, at least one copy of each title is designated as "non-circulating." A sampling of study aids is featured near the Public Services Desk to give students an opportunity to look through the different types of available material.

If you have questions about how to find or use study aids, feel free to ask a member of the Law Library faculty.

Study Aids by Category

Scholarly legal treatises provide a comprehensive analysis of a single area of law. In contrast, "hornbook treatises," which are law school-focused publications, provide thorough but concise explanations of legal concepts and black letter law. The depth of treatment varies by title. Examples of this type of study aid include:

  • Hornbook treatises (popularly referred to as the "green hornbook series") (West Academic)
  • Concepts & Insights (West Academic)
  • Concise Hornbooks (West Academic)
  • Examples & Explanations (Aspen)
  • Aspen Student Treatise Series (Aspen)
  • Understanding series (Lexis)

Overviews provide a concise summary of major doctrines in a substantive area of law. Overviews can be a good starting point. Examples of this type of study aid include:

  • Law in a Nutshell (West Academic)
  • Short & Happy Guides (West Academic)
  • Inside series (Aspen)
  • Jumpstart (Aspen)

These popular titles present hypotheticals followed by essay or multiple-choice questions followed by sample answers/explanations. These are a popular choice for exam prep. Examples include:

  • Questions & Answers (Lexis)
  • Acing series (West Academic)
  • Examples and Explanations (Aspen)
  • Exam Pro (West Academic)
  • Emmanuel Crunchtime (Aspen)
  • Glannon Guides (Aspen)
  • Step-by-Step (West Academic)
  • Law in a Flash (Law Reserves--Print Only)

Most online study aids have text-to-speech capability. Each online study aid platform offers a variety of audiobooks, audio lectures, and video titles. Download each vendor's app for offline reading and listening options. 

  • In Other Words audio lecture series (Aspen)
  • Law School Legends (West Academic)
  • Office Hours (West Academic)
  • Sum & Substance (West Academic)
  • West Academic Audio Books  (West Academic)
  • In Other Words audio lecture series (Aspen)
  • West Academic Videos (West Academic)

Commercial outlines and briefs are available but are not an effective substitute for reading and briefing assigned cases. The Law Library's print collection does not include case briefs.

Case briefs or "canned briefs" summarize the law, facts, and analysis of cases assigned in law school textbooks. Many are keyed to specific casebooks. Commercial case briefs should not be used as a substitute for reading and briefing assigned cases.

  • Casenote Legal Briefs (Aspen)
  • High Court Case Summaries (West Academic)
  • Casebriefs (Bloomberg Law)​

Commercial outlines summarize black letter law and legal rules. They often include exam tips and sample questions. Some outlines are keyed to specific casebooks.

  • Black Letter series (West Academic)
  • Emanuel Law Outlines (Aspen)
  • Gilbert Law Summaries (West Academic)
  • Quick Reviews (West Academic)

Online Study Aid Collections

The Law Library provides access to three major study aid platforms: Aspen Learning Library, LexisNexis Digital Library, and West Academic. There are multiple links to the various platforms on the Law Library's website. Regent Law users will be prompted for RU login. Each platform allows users to register for an individual account that will enable saving favorites, making notes, and adding highlights. Each platform also offers offline reading and listening options.

The Aspen Learning Library consists of digital study aids with full-text search, note-taking, and highlighting capabilities, audio recordings, and digital media. Study Aid titles included in this collection include:

  • Examples & Explanations
  • Glannon Guides
  • Emanuel Crunch Time
  • Emmanuel Law Outlines
  • Casenote Legal Briefs. 

The LexisNexis Digital Library allows you to read eBooks online and download an app for offline reading. Study aid include:

  • Understanding Series
  • Questions & Answers Series
  • Mastering Series
  • Skills & Values Series

The West Academic Study Aids Collection offers online access to popular study aids, audiobooks and lectures, and a variety of academic and career success eBooks. The platform includes:

  • Acing series
  • Concepts and Insights
  • Concise Hornbook series
  • Gilbert Law Summaries
  • Nutshells
  • Short and Happy Guides
  • Exam Pro series
  • Black Letter Outlines

West Academic - Offline Reading and Listening

Study Aids: Audiobooks, Audio Lectures, and Videos

The West Academic audio series includes:

  • Law School Legends
  • Office Hours
  • Sum & Substance
  • West Academic Audio Books

West Academic - Offline Reading and Listening

The Aspen Learning Library includes:

  • In Other Words audio series
  • In Other Words video series

Use the tabs to limit the results to audio/video resources.

In addition, the Law Library Reserve collection includes a number of A/V audio lectures and exam prep materials.




The CALI platform offers over 1,200 online, interactive tutorials covering over 40 different legal subject areas. Law students access CALI lessons over 500,000 times each year! The Law Library provides access to all Regent Law students.

Registration instructions are provided in Law Orientation and in LARW. If you have questions or need an access code, contact the Public Services Desk or Professor Magee


Issues with Quimbee? You may need to update your account! – MuseNews

Quimbee is a popular law school study resource that provides written and concise video case briefs, video lessons by subject, flashcards, outlines, and sample multiple-choice and essay questions. The Law Library does not provide access to Quimbee. Learn more about individual subscriptions at

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